All exhibitors must accept these terms as a condition of booking space.

Flares must not be sold as under the explosives act 1875 it is illegal to sell flares from a temporary stall.

All stalls & goods must be kept within the confines of the designated stall space

Sale of Food & beverages not permitted

Any transaction at the event is between the vendor and purchaser, organisers accept no responsibility.

Exhibitors are responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property cause by the exhibitor, exhibitor stand or appliances.

The organisers are not responsible for the security of any property belonging to the exhibitor including goods being offered for sale / sold or after the event.

All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times, owners must clear up behind their dogs.

All regulations governing the use of gas cylinders, generators, engines, electric supplies must be observed.

Overnight camping is allowed at the discretion of the organisers and is not included in the stall fees.

Leaflet / Flyer distribution is not permitted.

Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission.

And finally,

We hope you have a safe, successful and enjoyable day at our boat jumbles.